Hollywood Alley to Stay Open Through Friday Night

It turns out that Hollywood Alley's last night wasn't last night after all. According to the Facebook page of the renowned Mesa rock bar -- which was originally scheduled to close on Wednesday night after 25 years in operation -- and a few of its employees, the place will remain open through Friday night.

In other words, you've got a couple more days and nights to buy a round or soak up the vibe at the Alley before the last drink is poured and its doors are shut for good.

Hollywood Alley employees have told New Times that the brief reprieve was due in part to its longtime co-owner Rachel Hrutkay, who's been working in the kitchen creating some of its signature dishes pretty much since the place opened in 1988, wanting to keep things going for a couple more days. (A couple of posts to the bar's Facebook page also state that the Alley will be around until Friday.)

Don't expect to see any shows either tonight or tomorrow night, however, as the staff says that no bands or musicians have been booked and that the soundboard and other PA equipment have been removed in anticipation of the closure. Rock 'n' roll still echoes throughout the place, though, thanks to someone setting up their stereo system on stage.

Plus, there's also the always colorful and entertaining regulars who are turning out to fete the Alley in its final hours. In fact, we've run into a few people who've traveled all the way from Tucson to pay their respects.

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