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Horse and Hound Closes and the Clubhouse Music Venue's Sign Comes Down

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There's currently an online petition going that hopes to motivate Tempe city officials to reopen the Clubhouse Music Venue, which closed its doors last week. So far, 1,712 people have signed it.

Like most online petitions, however, it ultimately will be a futile effort, as the renowned Tempe concert hall is apparently gone for good, at least at its current location. As you can see in the picture above, the Clubhouse's exterior signage has been removed from its location. A note has also been taped to the front door stating, "The ClubHouse [sic] Is Closed. No Future shows at this Location."

It also appears that the Horse & Hound, the adjacent sports bar also owned by Clubhouse proprietor Eugenia Ruven, also has closed.

New Times also has confirmed the closure with a couple of the bar's regulars. (Ruven repeatedly has declined to return phone calls for comment on the closure.)

There's been a small amount of hope among local musicians and Clubhouse supporters that the place somehow would reopen despite the intense investigation of the venue by the Tempe Police Department after the gang-related shooting on March 2 that injured 16 people.

Said hopes were based partly on the fact that an administrative hearing by Tempe city officials regarding the Clubhouse's use permit was scheduled to take place on April 3.

Ruven, however, squashed such hopes when she posted the following on her Facebook account on Monday afternoon that indicated that the hearing won't be taking place.

Very sad to say the clubhouse music venue is not [sic] more (at least in that strip mall) also the date on april 3rd is no anymore since they pulled use permit, our great room that held so many great shows will go back to office's. I can not say anything else right now except thank u az music scene for all the great shows and all of the love!

If you read between the lines of Ruven's statement, there's apparently a possibility that the Clubhouse could reopen at another location sometime in the future. She also states elsewhere on her page that she's "not leaving the scene."

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