Jason Derulo Says It's OK to Be Single on "Ridin' Solo"

It seemed unlikely to happen, but R&B star Jason Derulo actually has a single out with a positive message to women. It's called "Ridin' Solo," and it's a song all about how being single is just fine, and loving yourself is just as important as loving someone else--something a lot of relationship-obsessed ladies could stand to hear.

Unlike some breakup songs where singers trash their exes, or songs that talk about how stupid commitment is when you could be banging groupies left and right, in "Ridin' Solo," Derulo sings about going through the adversity of having a relationship end and coming through stronger than ever rather than letting the breakup crush him.

"Now I made it through the weather, better days are gonna get better," he sings. "I'm so sorry that id didn't work out, I'm moving on. I'm so sorry, but it's over now. The pain is gone." It's a really positive statement for ladies, that yes, there will be hurt, but moving on from a guy who's bad for you can actually lead to your best self ever.

It's all too often women (and men) stay with their boyfriends or girlfriends just for the sake of having someone to come home to, show off on their arm, go on dates with, etc. It's wonderful Derulo has created an anthem for newly single peeps that builds people up when they feel like they've been knocked down and encourages them to have confidence in themselves and feel comfortable having fun with friends--no need for a significant other.

The song's even positive for people who are still in relationships, too. "I'm feeling good tonight, finally doing me, and it feels so right...No one to answer to, no one that's gonna argue." So, instead of immersing yourself even deeper when there's a conflict with your partner, removing yourself from the situation and having fun on your own provides a great breather and can bring clarity.

In "Ridin' Solo," Derulo takes the high road, refusing to disrespect his ex but respect himself, and that's something to be admired.

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