Job for a Cowboy's Jonny Davy Talks New EP, Gloom, Touring and the Timeframe for a New Full-Length

Glendale death metal band Job for a Cowboy released their new EP, Gloom, today, but don't bother looking for it at Zia or Best Buy. The four-song EP is available for download through most online digital outlets, but a mere 2,500 physical copies are being sold exclusively via mail order at

Clocking in at just more than 15 minutes, the EP continues down the path of brutality JFAC forged with their 2009 full-length, Ruination. Up on the Sun recently e-mailed some questions to JFAC vocalist Jonny Davy. Check out Davy's thoughts on the new EP, the band's recent tour with Between the Buried and Me, their summer tour plans, and the time frame for a new album after the break.

Q&A with Job for a Cowboy's Jonny Davy

UOTS: Tell us about the new EP, Gloom. Do you consider it a sequel of sorts to your debut EP, Doom?

Davy: A sequel? It's funny that you bring that up...When we originally sat down and discussed possible ideas for the EP, we joked around with calling it Doom II. Obviously, it was a joke, but we fooled around with the idea in a not-so-serious manner and agreed on Gloom. We don't consider it a sequel by any means. There is no lyrical or musical attachment between the two. We've clearly changed and progressed a lot since the original.

This is the first time you guys have recorded as a four-piece. What prompted you to scale back to one guitarist? How did it change the writing and recording process?

You're wrong. We actually recorded the EP with five members, a full line-up. Tony Sannicandro took the front seat as our new guitarist. Nick Schendzielous (of Cephalic Carnage fame) also replaced our previous bassist for the record. With all the members currently scattered across the United States, we were forced to send each other riff and song ideas over the internet. After we had some form of skeleton to the songs, we flew out to Boston for a few weeks to polish them up and call it a day.

Note: Publicity e-mails for the EP listed only four members. I mistakenly assumed that they had scaled back to one guitarist, when, in fact, no bassist was listed in the e-mails. When asked for clarification on the band's current lineup, Metal Blade publicist Vince Edwards replied "For the moment, [Schendzielous] just played on the EP. No official decision has been made regarding a new bass player."

Do you guys have a timeframe for releasing a new full-length? Will any of the songs from Gloom be on it?

We are hoping to be in the studio in the late summer of 2011 to record the new beast. None of the songs from Gloom will be on it, however. We really just want to start fresh with an entire new batch of songs. We are putting a lot of time into this record, more than any other from the past. I feel like we've always put out good records with good songs, but they've kind of lacked focus, looking back at it. This is something we're putting much thought into.

Why did you decide to limit physical copies of Gloom to mail orders only? Will we ever see it in "brick and mortar" stores? How about at shows?

We will most likely have copies at our shows, but we just really wanted to put out something limited and special for the fans. I feel like we're the type of band where so many people simply illegally download our records in the first place. So why not have the die hards have something to get excited about to get their hands on?

You guys just wrapped up a tour with Between the Buried and Me and The Ocean. Any good stories from the road?

Honestly, not really. The tour ended up being pretty mellow between the bands. The guys in The Ocean were pretty excited, considering the majority of them have never been in the U.S., so they tended to party quite often with us. The final night, though, all the bands ended up playing an endless amount of pranks on one another. For one, BTBAM played a Japanese pop song during our set, walked on stage and danced frantically. For revenge, I got on stage during their set and threw baby powder into [BTBAM singer Tommy Giles Rogers'] face while he was singing. It was amusing.

What are your touring plans for the summer? Are you playing any festivals or jumping on a big tour?

No shows, no tours. We are taking a break to write this record. There is a good chance we won't be hitting the stage again until 2012.

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