KWSS DJ Tatty Talia to Frankie Muniz: "Bitch-Slap Your Girl, Dude"

KWSS's The Morning Infidelity ran a funny segment on Frankie Muniz's publicist/girlfriend, Elycia Marie, earlier this week.

Now, of course my own tangle with Elycia is well documented, but I'm not the only Phoenix media type who has run afoul of Ms. Marie. KWSS DJ Tatty Talia has her own tale of woe stemming from a blog comment in which she questioned how people would perceive Frankie's band, You Hang Up (which sent out a press release announcing Frankie had joined before ever practicing with him or hearing him play in person), in the local music scene were it not for his waning starpower.

Like others who dissed the former Malcolm in the Middle star on the interwebs, Talia found herself the target of anonymous comments calling her fat and digging into her personal life.

Talia has some stellar advice for Muniz. I won't spoil that for you -- listen below -- and tells her story before Beef Vegan, the jock who sits opposite Talia has a little fun at my expense.

"It's not like that many people are reading the New Times blog," he says, apparently unaware that we got about a million hits for our music coverage last month.

Beef ends the segment by playing New Radicals' "You Get What You Give." So, yeah, bro, maybe this blog ain't your bag. We've had a hard time locking down interviews with Marcy Playground and Fastball, so we're going a different direction.

We are planning an 11-part series on Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta" this fall, though, so hopefully that will raise our profile with the KWSS demographic. It's worth a try, right?

Seriously, though, the segment is worth listening to, and you only have to hear the first few chords of that shitty New Radicals song.

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KWSS Talks About Elycia Marie by cizmar

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