Lords of Acid @ The Venue Scottsdale

In the late '80s, sexual objectification of women in music was primarily limited to hair-metal bands and gangsta rappers. In other words, it was a "guy thing" (even if some of those guys wore lipstick and mascara). So imagine everyone's surprise when Lords of Acid vocalist Jade 4U opened the group's 1988 single "I Sit on Acid" with the now-infamous line "Darling, come here / Fuck me up the . . ." Just like that, the door was blown open for women to proudly and unabashedly objectify themselves. Was this the official birth of slutwave? Purists might argue that the genre traces its root all the way back to Madonna, but the Material Girl always tempered her more risqué music with themes of female strength and empowerment, never fully embracing the dirty whore within. However the genre came to be, today's slutwave superstars like Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj owe a lot more to Lords of Acid than Madge. LOA have been pushing the boundaries of good taste since the Millionaires' bomb-ass pussies were still in diapers. This show is a fantastic opportunity for all the teen and tween girls who idolize modern slutwave skanks to discover the genre's originators.

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