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Lords of Altamont

Back when he was in the surf band the Bomboras, Jake Cavaliere would ritually end sets by setting his organ on fire. Dressed in matching outfits and accompanied by bikini-clad dancers, the Bomboras could turn a club gig into '60s film exploitation. In Lords of Altamont, his current band, Jake and his four cohorts work a different musical mojo, but they've kept the energy level sky-high. Dressed like extras from a Roger Corman biker film, the Lords of Altamont take their cues from the likes of the Stones, Sonics and Stooges. With fuzzed-out guitars and driving organ, the songs on the Lords' 2002 debut To Hell With the Lords rumble straight out of the garage with raunchy abandon. As a front man, Jake's tough-guy vocals approach the frenzy of inspired lunatics like Roky Erickson without ever straying from dance-rock territory. Jake still sets his organ on fire occasionally, but drummer Max "Mad Man" Edison does Keith Moon one better by tearing up his kit and still playing it. The Lords are a happening that will freak you out.
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Bob Cantu