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Metallica’s pop-up shop is coming to Phoenix. Here are all the details

The heavy metal legends will have plenty of merch for sale when the M72 world tour visits Phoenix this week in connection with their concerts at State Farm Stadium on Sept. 1 and 3.
Metallica is set to invade the Valley this week with its M72 world tour.
Metallica is set to invade the Valley this week with its M72 world tour. Tim Saccenti
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If there's one band that knows how to merch, it's Metallica. The multi-platinum heavy metal legends and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members are infamous for raking in cash from sales of their t-shirts and other branded gear, reportedly racking up an estimated $125 million in merch in North America alone since 1991.

(Heck, the wiseacres at the Hard Times even lampooned this fact with a 2018 story about how the band’s merch booth is the “world’s 32nd largest economy.”)

True to form, Metallica’s blockbuster M72 world tour will offer myriad merch for sale when it rolls into Phoenix this week, and not just during their two concerts at State Farm Stadium on Sept. 1 and 3.

Each city on the M72 tour is hosting multiple events endorsed by the band — think pre-parties, tribute shows and fan contests — as well as a special Metallica-branded pop-up shop offering merch and exclusives for sale.

Phoenix’s version of the shop will be located inside downtown Phoenix venue space 435 Collective Studio + Events. It will be open daily during a five-day run from Aug. 31 to Sept. 3.

Metallica fans can purchase a variety of band shirts (all of which are black, of course) boasting album titles like “Kill ‘Em All,” “Master of Puppets” and “Ride the Lighting,” as well as copies of "72 Seasons" on vinyl, M72 tour merch and various exclusives. There are also a few backdrops featuring the Metallica logo that are suitable for photo ops.

Here’s everything to know about the shop, when it will be open, and what it's selling.

Where is the Metallica pop-up shop in Phoenix?

The shop will be located at 435 S. 3rd Ave. inside 435 Collective Studio + Events in downtown Phoenix.

What are the hours of the Metallica pop-up shop in Phoenix?

The shop will operate daily, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., from Aug. 31 to Sept. 3.

What will be available at the Metallica pop-up shop in Phoenix?

There will be a variety of “classic” Metallica branded apparel like shirts, hats, and hoodies for sale. According to Metallica’s website, the shop will also sell a “splatter vinyl” version of the “72 Seasons” album, limited edition skate decks and exclusive Wolverine x Metallica Scholars hoodies and beanies. Other specialty items include YETI x Metallica drinkware and exclusive posters. Fan cards will also be purchased, which will offer the chance to win ticket upgrades that will get you into the “Snake Pit” at Metallica’s State Farm Stadium concerts.

Is there anything else I should know?

Metallica’s website states there will be a limited supply of vinyl, posters and skateboards on sale each day, which will be limited to one per customer.
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