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Nü Sensae @ Meat Market Garment Factory

Nü Sensae vocalist/bassist Andrea Lukic and drummer Daniel Pitout recently added guitarist Brody McKnight to their lineup, expanding the violent melodies that underpin Lukic's frenzied, venomous vocals. On the Canadian band's new three-track seven-inch, Tea Swamp Park, the heavy, theatrical group decelerates, if only slightly, conjuring thoughts of Sonic Youth's heavier output. Vinyl copies of the seven-inch have sold out, but Seattle's Suicide Squeeze Records digitally re-released Tea Swamp Park two weeks ago. If you dig the messy, melodic fuzz of acts like Jucifer, Mudhoney, Whirlwind Heat, L7, and The Stooges, then dig into the band's 2011 full-length TV, Death and the Devil. It'll remind you that Vancouver's just over the border from Seattle and Olympia, and that those towns' sounds of the early '90s, though two decades gone, still have sway. Ones for plugging into local scenes, Lukic and Pitout used to run a monthly night in a Vancouver bar called "Dirty for the Kids," where they'd DJ and bring in two local or touring bands.

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Chris Hassiotis