New Lady Gaga Music to Get You Moving

It's a major disappointment Miss Lady Gaga isn't coming to town on her Monster Ball Tour, but Phoenicians can still hear the diva's new music when The Fame Monster drops November 23.

She just released the newest single and stylishly slick video, "Bad Romance," off the album, which includes all the music off her debut, The Fame, as well as eight new songs. The new songs will also be sold separately for the more than 4 million people who already have the original album.

"Bad Romance" is unlike anything we're used to from Gaga vocally. Her voice on the track doesn't have the sometimes-whiny quality of some of her original songs--here, it's raw, yet smoother. She even adds some French to her song!

The lyrics are also devoid of talk about fame, the main topic of much of the debut. Now, we hear Gaga's take on love, as she sings, "I want your ugly, I want your disease, I want your everything." It's a little different than singing about riding on disco sticks, though she does say she'd like the object of her affection's "vertigo stick" in her rear window.

While it'd be great to hear Lady Gaga sing her songs live here in town, she is performing several dates in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


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