Nicki Minaj's Twitter Haters and Fans React to Her Pink Friday Tour

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Nicki Minaj is one of the most polarizing artists out there -- I guess that makes me weird for having a neutral opinion of her. I feel the same way after seeing part of her set Tuesday night. I don't love her and I don't hate her, but most folks seem to feel pretty strongly one way or the other.

We took to Twitter to see what fans had to say about Minaj's performance last night, Tristan Barker's open letter, and Muslims who are still pissed about the lyrics to "Beam Me Up Scotty."

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@NICKIMINAJ Just had the time of my life in #Arizona. I could stay here forever. Such an amazing crowd. Full of life. Full of love. #pinkfridaytour Aww, shucks.

@tchos03 Crazy night @ Nicki Minaj concert. It's like a Zoo out there. A zoo of colorful wigs.

@CRRomero13 Being at the Nicki Minaj concert makes me really happy that I'm not a slutty girl. Congrats.

@_JENNYLO My throat hurts too much screaming and singing/rapping at the @NICKIMINAJ concert! :/ Sounds like a good time.

@MyOrangePants @NICKIMINAJ amazing night tonight!!! Saw you last summer in Boston! Tonight even better. AZ loves you!!! #pinkfridaytour Take that, Boston!

@HeidiBlakemore OMG NICKI MINAJ PULLED ME UP ON STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! can't believe it , made my life!!!!!!!!!!! OMG indeed.

@Jacob_Mills Going VIP to Nicki Minaj is like arriving in a limo to your job at McDonalds tbh Everyone should feel fancy sometimes. @CheyDopeness Chillen with Nicki Minaj & 2 chains up in VIP like its no big deal!! Was a limo and/or McDonald's involved?

@GoLynnieGo Nicki Minaj is going to be here tonight at U.S. Airways. I HAVE to get in. Minaj at US Airways? That's news to me.

@mylifeisNicki Stfu! Duck looking bitch. RT @JulieeeIsCool: Nicki Minaj is the black wannabe Lady Gaga lol. Some girls are more defensive than others.

@GagasBadKid1 Nicki Minaj is my idol .. I wanna be JUST like her :) Some Gagas approve.

@xXBRADXxXD yeah... just listening/watching nicki minaj's new video :D dat ass ;) He likes big butts and he cannot lie.

@cameronjames_17 even though nicki minaj looks like shes having fake orgasms in every music video she does her tunes are off the fucking hook man! Booty + O face seems to be a winning combo.

@BLAM_inyoface I bet women was thinking about booty implants for a while. But Nicki Minaj the one who made em think its ok. Poor girls. But, don't booty implants go "blam in yo face"? @_RodKneee my dick has more natural meat than nicki minaj's whole body I wonder if he has an implant too?

@GiantMidget69 Shit > Nicki Minaj I wasn't aware that shit could dance.

@elisaxbeta Nicki minaj is fabulous and ur not Tell that to Giant Midget.

@nzrshhkmrzmn #RappersThatSpitTheTruth - if you say Nicki Minaj, please go in front of a mirror and say to yourself " Why did I ever exists? " Why do I exists? I guess that's one of life's big questions. @D4Vii3 #RappersThatSpitTheTruth Nicki Minaj as she is infact a stupid hoe Does life imitate art or vice versa? @invisiblebeth 'Nicki Minaj, I ask for the good of humanity that you please exile yourself from civilisation, and take Lil Wayne and Drake with you too.' That's not a very "civilised" thing to say. @WD_ddlovato #RappersThatSpitTheTruth of course eminem.. Nicki minaj is a bad Raper ever Nicki Minaj is a bad rapist?

@hannanxe4 Wiz Khalifa wants to be Jimi Hendrix, Nicki Minaj wants to be Lil Kim and Drake wants to be Aaliyah.. I shall call him Wizzie Hendrix.

@SPA_perrine YouTube me propose d'écouter Nicki Minaj. NON MERCIIIIII ! Or- "YouTube suggested that I listen to Nicki Minaj. NO THANK YOUUUU!"

@porkistani If Nicki Minaj went to school, she would know putting words you don't understand in papers usually gets you a bad grade.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.