Nik Richie and TheDirty.com Invade the West Valley Tonight

This unidentified westside cat, who's apparently living large, was a previous target of Nik Richie's scorn.

Call me crazy, but has TheDirty.com gotten a little tired?

Don't get me wrong, I've had loads of fun gawking at ribald snapshots of Ed Hardy-clad scenesters or other human train wrecks that the notorious tattletale Web site has specialized in since it launched two years ago (when it known simply as Dirty Scottsdale).

But the endless embarassing pics of skanks and $30k millionaires at their absolute worst (not to mention the accompanying snarky commentary of TheDirty.com's founder Nik Richie) seems to get old after awhile.

Even with Richie expanding the site's focus over the last year or so to include dirt from other debaucherous bergs from across the world, it feels like it's all been done before. Douchebags are douchebags, whether they're in Tampa or Tempe, and there's only so many ways you can rip some chick for having too much belly fat or looking a little too mannish (or a "shim," as Richie says).

Which is why I suspect that Richie's trying to expand his shtick by cracking more on white trash or blue collar types. After all, the dude just launced a separate section of TheDirty.com that's devoted to the denizens of the West Valley and is celebrating it with a big blowout at Hurricane Bay (4139 West Bell Road, 602-843-6100).

I'm certainly not above getting a chuckle or two at the expense of the some of the rednecks or blue collar types who live west of I-17. One of my favorite digs ever on TheDirty.com came during the summer of 2007 when richie featured the above pic of some bro-tastic dude and his automotive toys with the following caption:

How do you know if you have made it on the Westside? Simple resume above... the only thing missing is underage chicks in the back seat.


But as funny as roasting anyone in the 623 might seem, it too will get old. What then Nik? Perhaps the homeless or disabled?

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If you're interested in asking Richie said questions (or even hanging out with him), he'll be all up in the West Valley's grill tonight at the newly-renovated Hurricane Bay along with his pack of quasi-celebs which he's made famous with TheDirty.com. I'm talking Gumbi, G-Girl, P-Nazi (the buff dude who loves taking pictures of himself), and the rest.

Richie reportedly won't be taking any embarassing photos of partygoers, but better be on your best behavior just in case. He's supposed to arrive sometime around 10 or 11 p.m. and the cover is $6 a person.


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