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NOHO: The Hangover Defense--Does It Really Prevent Your Hangover?

​​Getting wasted while watching a concert is pretty commonplace, and if you're like me, then drinking makes even the most boring show a little more bearable.

But, inevitably, I'd have to be productive the next day at work - -something a hangover doesn't help.

That's why this past weekend's Super Bowl (also, not coincidentally, The Super Bowl of Drinking, if you will) was the perfect time for my friends and I to test out NOHO: The Hangover Defense, a dietary supplement recently introduced to the Valley to prevent hangovers.

The claim is this: NOHO uses natural ingredients to balance out vitamins and minerals your body may have lost during drinking, and it doesn't contain stimulants, caffeine or sugar.

Heck, if a crunk juice aficianado like Lil Jon likes to Tweet about itit's worth a try.

I enlisted two of my buddies to try the hangover prevention with me, and we got to drinking. They chugged beers all day, while my weapon of choice was Smirnoff Ice, the malt liquor notorious for plaguing me with headaches the morning after drinking it.

​Before we started imbibing, we took our first shots. You're supposed to drink one shot before you drink and then, if you drink a lot for what you can normally handle, another before you go to bed.

I don't think I'll ever forget the horrid taste of NOHO. It sort of reminded me of cough syrup mixed with a sour liquified Jolly Rancher -- it was not pleasant at all. If you're going to use this product, I recommend plugging your nose before downing the shot -- that's the only way to make it bearable. The guys agreed it was not tasty, but we all drank enough throughout the day that we took a second shot before bed.

I am pretty much guaranteed to get hangovers after nights of drinking, and when I woke up, I really felt like I hadn't had any alcohol the night before. I didn't drink any water the night before, just alcohol and the NOHO shots, so I was surprised to feel as if I had been hydrating the entire night. As for the boys, one of them woke up perky and said he felt super-refreshed, while the other was also hangover-free.

Each shot of NOHO costs $3.49 before tax, which means preventing your hangover can be just as costly as getting a drink. It's a lot quicker than chugging glasses of water all night, though. They're available at Circle K, and you can log on to for more info.
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Nicki Escudero
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