Now Open: Club Luxx in Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix's club zone along Washington Street got an infusion of throwback charm recently, courtesy of newly opened dancing and drinking spot Club Luxx.

The 3,500-square-foot establishment, which opened in mid-July, features a vintage flair and is aimed at those looking for after-work imbibing or after-dark dance-floor adventures.

According to Brett Cornelius, one of Luxx's owners and investors, its décor and vibe is designed around a swank speakeasy concept. Hence, there's a number of oak barrels about and large Prohibition-era photos covering some of the walls of the club. And the soon-to-be-unveiled cocktail menu will be filled with whiskey-infused cocktails of an old-school bent.

Once the lights go down and its sound system kicks in during the evening, he says, Luxx's vibe will go from old to new as local DJs spin the latest hits three nights a week.

“During the day, it looks like a fine drinking establishment,” says Cornelius, part-owner of nightspot Paris of Scottsdale. “But at night, with the [LED] lights and TV screens, it becomes more of a nightclub.”

Currently, Luxx operates only during evenings but will soon open at 3 p.m. once its drink menu is in place. In the meantime, it's been bringing in crowds with a Latin night on Thursday featuring DJ Dario in the mix and Madd Rich on Saturdays.
During its first two weekends in operation, Luxx has helped add to the nightlife liveliness that develops every weekend along Washington via the street's cadre of dance clubs like Sky Lounge, Bar Smith, and Monarch Theatre. In fact, the energy and verve of both the club zone and downtown in general is one of the reasons why Cornelius and his partners (including Pink Rhino's Carlos Aramburo) chose to open the club in Phoenix.

“Downtown's getting revitalized and a lot more things are happening down there. We just figured it was a good time to invest in what's going on downtown,” Cornelius says.

And invest they did. According to Cornelius, Luxx's proprietors did a “complete remodel” to the property, sweeping away any trace of the property's former tenant, the Latin-oriented Club Silver. The space was gutted down to its bones and a new bar, DJ booth, flooring, and a series of 10 booths were installed.

“It's a completely new club,” Cornelius says. 
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Benjamin Leatherman is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times. He covers local nightlife, music, culture, geekery, and fringe pursuits.