Pot of Gold Music Festival

Shit People Said at Pot of Gold 2019

The scene from the crowd.
The scene from the crowd. Jim Louvau
We had a lot of fun at this year's edition of Pot of Gold. The sun (among other things) was high, the vibe was chill and festive, and the talent was absolutely off the chain. But even so, this is still a music festival, and people certainly let their freak flag fly.

Thanks to the perfect storm of hip-hop fans and performers, St. Patrick's Day revelers, and general riff-raff at Steele Indian School Park, we overheard plenty of absolutely ridiculous things throughout the weekend. Find some of our absolute favorite lines below.

click to enlarge It was a great weekend to be at Pot of Gold. - JIM LOUVAU
It was a great weekend to be at Pot of Gold.
Jim Louvau
A+ parenting from the mother escorting a trio of small kids past a cloud of weed smoke
“Don’t inhale! Hold your breath, guys. Hold your breath.”

American Dad did this joke better than the bro in the camo snapback
"Get low! Rob Lowe!"

When all else fails, make the audience think about their ROI, like this band on the Maya Clubhouse stage desperate for the crowd to dance
"C'mon, y'all! You paid a lot for these tickets!"

Same band, who are apparently fans of Kim Jong-Un
"Shoutout to North Korea!"

One middle-aged man was trying to get rid of his passes like they were cursed
"Please buy these tickets! Please buy these tickets! Won't somebody take these tickets away from me?! Please!"

click to enlarge Young Dolph performs at Pot of Gold on Sunday, March 17, 2019, in Phoenix. - JIM LOUVAU
Young Dolph performs at Pot of Gold on Sunday, March 17, 2019, in Phoenix.
Jim Louvau
Who needs 50 words for snow when we've got 5,000 for weed like Young Dolph?
"If you smoke scroll, throw your hands up!"

Several different kinds of shade going on here
"If you don’t move that umbrella I'mma snatch it and put it in my drink."

Interesting pickup strategy from this dude at Gunna's set
"Damn she’s tall! Ask if you can sit on her shoulders."

Doja Cat knows her type
"Thick boys, make noise!"

click to enlarge Sassy and happy means you're doing it right. - JIM LOUVAU
Sassy and happy means you're doing it right.
Jim Louvau
Young M.A, absolute legend
"Fuck around and call me M.A. Shakur."

Saint JHN, future legend in training
"Niggas don’t leave their house on Sunday unless it’s to go to church or do some ignorant shit."

Another from Saint JHN. Remember when Young Thug changed his name to "SEX?" Well ...
"Y’all can call me sexy for short, it’s cool."

Saint JHN prefers to be flashed by females, thanks very much
"Thank you, sir. I don’t like your titties as much but I applaud your efforts."
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