Paramore's Hayley Williams Comments on New Times Article About Why She Can't Leave Her Boring Band

In this Thursday's issue writer Dan Gibson provided an excellent analysis of why Paramore's singer is forever tethered to her rather boring band.

"The Paramore Paradox: Why Hayley Williams Can't Leave the Band That Made Her Famous" is here.

The piece caught Ms. Williams eye, it seems. She's since blogged it and apparently addressed it on stage last night at her concert in Houston

Since Williams didn't link us, we'll just steal her words, too:

This, my friends, is what's wrong with the music business. It's not that I don't shoot whipped cream out of my bra. It's the fact that anyone had to do it in the first place. So thank you, dear journalist, for writing this article. Now, everyone knows that what is important to us are the songs we write and people we write them for.

Tweets about Dan's piece read something like this: "@KendraAisa: Fuck this!! hey Dan Gibson you don't know what you are talkin about!! The Paramore Paradox:http://bit.ly/cEsNew"

Stay tuned.

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