Patrick Stump @ Martini Ranch

Patrick Stump didn't just lose three of his bandmates when he started his solo career. The former Fall Out Boy frontman also tossed out those signature hats and shed a bunch of weight, too, recasting himself as a svelte and sexy singer with a personal style that favors bow ties over hoodies. While he was at it, he ditched the mall-punk sound and turned his attention to Soul Punk, his debut solo record due in October. While his eyelinered pal Pete Wentz wrote all of Fall Out Boy's lyrics, Stump's 10-song album is all him, lyrically and musically. High-profile collaborations with Timbaland, Lupe Fiasco, Cobra Starship, and Tyga may have helped Stump establish "brand name" presence, but on tour, all eyes will be on Stump as a songwriter. Don't expect "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" or any other FOB hits — Stump is focusing on the new record, and whether or not he's a successful live act without the buddies he's toured with for the past decade will be interesting to discover.

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