Punk Rock Bowling's 20 Most Memorable Looks

While piecing together this list of photos from last week's Punk Rock Bowling festival in Las Vegas, I tried to figure out how to approach it. "The hottest girls of Punk Rock Bowling" would be too easy. "The weirdos of Punk Rock Bowling" requires a bit more work, but the excess of Devo hats would still need some love.

At an impasse, I looked through my photos and came up with 20 Punk Rock Bowling looks that stood out the most. Check them out after the jump.

Only in Norway can a singer get away with such a get up. Tony Sylvester, Turbonegro's new singer, took the stage by storm, appearing in a leopard print cape fashioned after a flag and a crown that he set on his own head. The accessories were a bit much, so he spent the remainder of the show dressed as a cop next to the rest of the band, which was decked out in make up.

The red beret and striped "freak" shirt weren't enough to make Captain Sensible's outfit awesome--the pants are really what did the trick.

Punk Rock Bowling was full of impeccably dressed Turbojugend (Turbonegro fans) Sunday night, but these guys took the cake with their denim jackets and grab-assing.

Are we not men? We are Devo fans!

It isn't true love unless you have the same haircut.

If your glue isn't quite working out, burn some holes in plastic cups and use them to hold up your liberty spikes.

Liberty spikes in the front row are hard to miss.

The girls on this page really need to be besties.

Punk sailor girls are adorable.

Really, you don't believe me?

Because nobody hates George W. Bush more than Juggalos.

A chair isn't punk rock until it has the anarchy symbol and "cock" sprawled across it.

We can't help but wonder if the girl on the left has a blue phone case to match her hair.

Manic Panic's two biggest fans.

Wearing heels to any music festival is a terrible idea, but she looks cute, so no big.

Same story. These gals actually looked pretty comfortable in their heels.

A denim jacket can never have enough studs or patches.

...though they are acceptable over leopard dresses.

She's just the girl, the girl u want.

Dead Milkmen's "Punk Rock Girl" could be their anthem.

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