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Radiohead at Arena on Twitter

So, was last night's Radiohead show hyped up to be like, the greatest thing, ever?

I hate going concerts with any sort of expectations because I usually walk away disappointed. I've been a casual fan since I first heard "Fake Plastic Trees" in Clueless, which is pretty funny when you think of the song in the context of the movie.

Once the Coachella line-up was announced, I considered selling my ticket to last night's show. I'm glad I ended up going, because honestly, if I had waited a month to see Radiohead play the same set, I would have got bored and left.

Before you leave a comment begging me to get fired, hear me out. Like I said earlier, I'm a casual fan. The King of Limbs stuff doesn't really do it for me. I'm glad I stuck it out though, because the encores made for a great show. I could not have asked for a stronger ending than "Paranoid Android."

My lukewarm response to the beginning of Radiohead's set was not common, judging from your tweets. I took to Twitter and found lots of people hyping the show up as much as I initially expected.

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