Rasta Redmon: Tracks From Hopi Reggae Artist Casper Lomayesva

This week's cover story, "Rasta Redmon," explores the cultural and musical connections between the indigenous people of Arizona and Jamaican reggae artists, told through the story of Hopi reggae artist Casper Lomayesva. As a supplement to the feature, we've posted several of Lomayesva's songs below, along with a link to a song stream for Bob Marley's "Redemption Song," which is referenced in Lomayesva's tune, "Jealousy."

Redemption song - Bob Marley

Tracks by Casper Lomayesva:

Rez Cop
Hundred Years of Redemption

Jealousy feat. Tippa Irie
No Indian
Crossing the Borders

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