Rebelution @ Marquee Theatre

Take a walk on a warm, sunny day through any college apartment complex near Arizona State University that houses Caucasian stoners (read: every college apartment complex near Arizona State University) and you're guaranteed to hear someone blasting reggae. Chances are, a few Rebelution songs will be scattered in that playlist. From romantic reggae tracks like "Ordinary Girl" and "Lazy Afternoon" to sensational uplifters like "Courage to Grow" and "Change the System," there's something about the band's youthful melodic vocals, soft keyboards, and bouncy dub riffs that attract people to Rebelution's sound, even if those people are not into thinking green all the time. Unlike reggae bands whose philosophies sound as though they were concocted while high, Rebelution gives off intelligent vibes and actually leaves listeners with food for thought rather than a tapping foot as the joint burns down. In fact, Rebelution is pushing its genre into a modernized, more sophisticated direction that convinces you that maybe the band members, as well as their fans, may not end every sentence with "dude" after all.

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