Rob Zombie at Dodge Theatre
Victor J. Palagano III

Rob Zombie at Dodge Theatre

Notes on the show by photographer Victor J. Palagano III.

I haven't seen Rob Zombie live since I witnessed White Zombie back in the day (circa 1990) but that doesn't mean I'm not familiar or that I'm not a fan. I have several Rob Zombie albums and "The Great America Nightmare" is my cell phone ringtone.

Being exposed to the opening act, psychobilly trio Nekromantix for the first time was enjoyable. I only was able to hear a few songs but I liked what I heard and vocalist/bass player Kim Nekroman sports one cool bass.

The venue was pretty full. Plenty of fans were dressed up in costumes. Many like characters from Rob Zombie films. There were also the dying and the dead. At least I think they were costumes?

Other highlights of the show included a ten foot tall robot with glowing eyes and a large screen that displayed wondrous visuals such as clips from monster movies and other strangeness with some anime porn mixed in. Maybe clips from "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto?" I don't know. (Sorry I don't worship Rob, I'm just a fan of his music.)

The live "sneak preview" of the already leaked on the internet, "Sick Bubble Gum" from the upcoming Hellbilly Deluxe II was the low point of the set to me. Maybe just because the chorus of "rock mother fucker" was too...adolescent. What? You don't let your kids talk that way?

My Halloween weekend couldn't have started off better. Well. Actually if someone knows Rob personally tell him to let me shoot from the pit next time, for Christ's sake.


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