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Rollins Band

Henry Rollins' personal multimedia campaign, based on his ripped abs and smart ass, has made him the closest thing to a mainstream celebrity American punk rock has produced. But that extra-caffeinated personality obscures some genuine musical accomplishments. It was his fury that stoked Black Flag into the band that punk and metal kids all over the world would emulate for the better part of a decade. And while less influential, the blues-core he's forged with the rotating Rollins Band is an act of raw musical will, even better suited to vocal tantrums than mere hardcore or metal. The current tour reunites the original and best Rollins Band lineup, the one that pounded out some of the most elemental hard rock of the late '80s and later added jazz and funk to its jet fuel as Rollins diversified his subject matter beyond self-loathing to actual introspection. There's more to the Henry Show than irony and pecs.
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Andrew Marcus