Santigold Discusses Bjork, MySpace, and The Death of MCA

There's no such thing as the sophomore slump for Santi White, who has once again charmed audiences with the genre-defying Master of My Make-Believe. The album includes collaborations with members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Switch, Diplo, and David Sitek, as well as the infectiously catchy song "Disparate Youth."

Santigold's first performance in Phoenix falls on Monday, June 4 at Crescent Ballroom. The show has been sold out for awhile, but if you're intent on seeing Santi and her back up dancers, be ready to dish out upwards of $100.

We caught up with Santi White before she flew out to Sasquatch! to discuss MCA's death and how Myspace helped launched her career.

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Melissa Fossum
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