Secret Fox: Guided By Voices Tribute (With a Certain Jimmy Eat World-er)

It's been a long time since The Secret Fox, Phoenix's brightest (only?) Guided by Voices tribute band took the stage. Like, over 10 years long.

"I'm not exactly sure of dates," says guitarist Jim Adkins (yeah -- that Jim Adkins). "But you could still smoke in bars, so it was a while ago."

But with the "classic" Guided by Voices lineup back on record store shelves, the boys thought now was as good a time as ever to resurrect project, which finds Adkins and Dan Cortez, Aaron Kiley, Matt Castleberry, Dan Roth, and John Hofmann (of Secret Lives of Painters paying not-so-subtle tribute to their not-so-subtle influence.

"There are kind of two ways of approaching a cover song," Adkins explains. "You either do a karaoke version or you deconstruct the song down to the elements that mean something to you and express those in your own way. But it's fun to just pretend you're in the band, you know?"

So in the spirit of the source material and in celebration of the classic lineup reunion, Secret Fox is set to take the stage tomorrow night in a flurry of Tecate at Crescent Ballroom, joining The Madera Strand performing songs by The Police, Terra Firma performing Joy Division, and Robin Vining performing PJ Harvey in another installment of Cover the Crescent.

And. yes, promises singer John Hofmann, you can expect some Pollard-isms, like those legendary high kicks, during the set.

"Secret Fox shows are just fun," Hofmann says. "Traditionally, they are beer-soaked drunk-fests. The fans are Guided By Voices fans, and those people drink."

Hofmann recalls seeing Guided By Voices and the now-defunct Boston's, and placing a tape recorder on stage. "There were all these rumors that Bob Pollard took the tape and was walking around Mill Avenue listening to it. I never got it back."

Made up of GbV diehards -- everyone name checks Mitch Mitchell and Tobin Sprout in addition to Pollard -- Secret Foxes make their love for GbV very clear. Bassist Dan Cortez likens seeing the band at South by Southwest in 1996 to seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

"You hear all these stories about girls going nuts over The Beatles. It was like that, except all these grown men are screaming, and hugging."

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