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Seven Nights of DJs and Dancing

Thursday 27 Afterlife: Touch Thursdays (Top 40, electronica, dance) AZ/88: Black Out Thursdays with Josh 1 (soulful house, lounge) Cadillac Ranch: Thirsty Thursdays with DJ Chris Villa & DJ Kyko (Top 40, hip-hop, house) Dollhouse: Thursdays de Besitos with DJ Roger (world sounds) Firehouse Scottsdale: Weekly College Rager with DJ...
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Thursday 27

Afterlife: Touch Thursdays (Top 40, electronica, dance)

AZ/88: Black Out Thursdays with Josh 1 (soulful house, lounge)

Cadillac Ranch: Thirsty Thursdays with DJ Chris Villa & DJ Kyko (Top 40, hip-hop, house)

Dollhouse: Thursdays de Besitos with DJ Roger (world sounds)

Firehouse Scottsdale: Weekly College Rager with DJ Convince
(Top 40, dance, rock, electro)

Firehouse Tempe: DJ Thomas James (house, electronica, dance)

Gypsy Bar: Risky Business with William Fucking Reed, Jared Alan, Kevin M.O.B., & more (various)

Karamba: Tejano Thursdays with DJ Stixx (Tejano, cumbia, salsa)

Oceans 7: Turnt Up Thursdays with Bootleg Kev (hip-hop, R&B)

Pearl Sushi: Girls and Pearls with DJ Hazardous (Top 40, rock)

Red Revolver: Groove Candy Thursdays with DJ M2, & Fresh 85
(neo-soul, hip-hop, reggae)

School of Rock: Ready Set Thursday with Bootleg Kev (various)

Tavern on Mill: Dropout Thursdays with DJayT3 and the BoomSquad (Top 40, hip-hop, rock, dance)

The Vig: Backyard Beatz with JonnY Rogers (world beats)

W Scottsdale Hotel: W Scottsdale Thursdays with DJ Soloman (house, Top 40, dance, electro)

Yucca Tap Room: The Blunt Club (hip-hop)

Friday 28

Axis/Radius: Republic Fridays with DJ Soloman (house, dance, Top 40, rock)

AZ/88: Fluid Fridays with DJ Akshen (soul, jazz, old school)

Bar Smith: Foul Play with Prince$$, Bigie Meanmugg, Pickster One, 2ToneDisco, & DJ Akshen (hip-hop, moombahton, trap, reggae, indie, dance, electro, dubstep)

Cadillac Ranch: Cadillac Fridays (hip-hop, Top 40)

Dollhouse: DH14 Madhouse with DJ Aaron Taylor (Top 40, house)

Dos Gringos (Scottsdale): DJ Switch (Top 40, remixes, house)

DWNTWN: College Night with DJ Class, & DJ Astonish (Top 40, house, hip-hop)

Firehouse Scottsdale: Friday Super Banger with DJ Sonny, & ST3 (house, Top 40, rock, dance, electro)

Firehouse Tempe: DJ Convince (Top 40, dance, rock, electro)

Flight Lounge: Foreplay Fridays (hip-hop, Top 40, R&B, reggae)

Hollywood Alley: DJ Supa Vaiza ('80s retro)

Hurricane Bay: Fusion Fridays with DJ Mikee Mike, & DJ MCX (Top 40, club bangers, electro, dance)

Jackrabbit Lounge: High Society Fridays with DJ M2, & DJ Kaydee (hip-hop, R&B)

Lucky Break: DJ Dan 'da Man ('80s, '90s)

Majerle's Old Town: HD Fridays with DJ John Blaze, DJ Essence,
DJ What, & DJ Illmatic (Top 40)

Majerle's Goodyear: Juicy Fridays with DJ Dangerous (hip-hop)

Martini Ranch: DJ Chris Villa in the Shaker Room (hip-hop, dance)

Michael's Cafe: First Class Fridays with DJ Mr. B, & DJ Neal C.
(Top 40, R&B)

Olive & Ivy: DJ Proper Villain (house)

Red Revolver: DJ Phlava, DJ Klassic, & Wolf Starr (hip-hop, R&B)

Rips Ales & Cocktails: DJ Manchester, & DJ Adrian Flanagan (Britpop, indie)

Rogue Bar: New Queers Eve with Craig Citizen (dance, rock, indie)

School of Rock: Pulse Fridays with DJ Mattafact, JD, & DJ EC Rock (Top 40, hip-hop, electro, Latin)

Stray Cat: WTFunk? Friday with Bob-Zilla, Marvel, Sauce, Y-Knot, Big Ox, Optimal, Roq'y Tyraid, Zeedub, & Kash (hip-hop)

Saturday 29

AZ/88: Mark 5 (rare groove, trip-hop)

Bar Smith: Solstice Saturdays with Senbad, Pete Salaz, Robby Rob, DJ M2, Bigie, Mane One, Alkeme, & Hunnycut (house)

Crescent Ballroom: One More Time — A Daft Punk Tribute, Vial of Sound, Pastries With Teeth, & Ben Linsenmeyer (electronica)

Dollhouse: Saturday Night Soireé with DJ Circle (house, Top 40)

DWNTWN: DJ Rubas (Top 40, rock en español), DJ Alfredo (salsa, bachata, merengue), & DJ Big Latin (cumbia, hip-hop)

EPIQ Nightclub: DJ STIQ (house, dance)


The Palace with Djentrification, & Peso One (

world music


Gypsy Bar: Peep Me XOXO with Tricky T (electro, hip-hop, dubstep)

Hidden House: The Shop with DJ Al Page, & guests (hip-hop)

Hurricane Bay: Surrender Saturdays with DJ Knick Knack, DJ Diverse, DJ Skandalis, & DJ MCX (Top 40, rock, dance)

Jackrabbit: Surge Saturdays with DJ Dario, & DJ Kuntrol (hip-hop)

Roxy Lounge: Elevated Saturdays (hip-hop, R&B, Top 40)

Sanctum: Doom Disco with Noiz.Fkr, & DJ AKA (darkwave, post-punk, witch house, death rock, alternative, shoegaze)

Sunday 30

Hotel Palomar: Sunset Social Club with Jared Alan, Tricky T, Jared Alan, & guests (various)

Martini Ranch: Retox Sundays with DJ Spryte (house, electro, rock)

Oceans 7: Reggae Sunday (reggae, soca)

Roxy Lounge: House Sundaze with DJ J Von Dutch (house, dance)

SideBar: Retro Hi-Fi with DK.Strickler, Dr. Drea, World Famous Rani G., & more (house, world beats)

Sochu House: C'est La Vie (house, disco)

Yucca Tap Room: Valley Fever (outlaw country)

Monday 31

910 Live:

Carribbean & African New Year's Eve Party with DJ Dark Vader, DJ Skool Boi, DK Buck Roger, & DJ Tony (

reggae, dancehall, soca


Anderson's Fifth Estate:

The Atomic Café with DJs AKA, Halo, Nixx, & Aaron B (

alternative, industrial, hard rock, goth



Seven Sexy Sins New Year's Eve Party with DJ Soloman & DJ J. Alan (

Top 40, hip-hop, house, dance


Bar Smith: Solstice NYE Edition with David Alvarado, Pete "SuperMix" Salaz, Senbad, M3, Robbie Rob, Bigie Meanmugg, & Mane One (house, hip-hop, electro, dance)

Cadillac Ranch: Celebrity New Year's Eve Countdown with
DJ Bamboozle (Top 40)

Club Tunnel: NYE 2013 with Sluggo, DJ Getter, Dulectro Thugs, DanjaOne, Sam Groove, & more (dubstep, electro, glitch, slugstep, drum 'n' bass, hardstyle, house)

Crescent Ballroom: New Years Eve Amateur Night with Sean Watson, Deux Yeux, Pastries With Teeth, DJ Roya, & more (various)

Dollhouse: Champagne Supernova with Aaron Taylor (Top 40)

El Santo Cantina: Last Dance New Year's Eve with Wolfgang Gartner, Walden, & Turner and Heit (house, electro)

Hollywood Alley: DJ Reuben Martinez & Friends (various)

Hurricane Bay: New Year's Eve with DJ Mikee Mike, & DJ MCX (Top 40, dance, rock)

Jackrabbit Lounge: Surge Nights New Year's Eve Celebration
with DJ Kyko, & DJ Dario (hip-hop, Latin)

The Monarch Theatre: Bass Drop New Year's Eve Massive with DJ J.Paul, Prince$$, Crit, Bigie Meanmugg, 2ToneDisco, ill-legal?, & more (various)

Red Revolver Lounge: Beanie Wells Celebrity NYE with DJ Phlava,
& DJ Klassic (Top 40, R&B, hip-hop)

Rocky Point Cantina: Turn on the Lights New Year's Bash (hip-hop, Top 40, dance)

Rogue Bar: Cupcake's Berserk! Cirque! with DJs Self.Destrukt, & Defense.Mekanizm (electro, dubstep, industrial)

Roxy Lounge: Power 98.3's New Year's Eve Takeover with DJ M2, & Fresh 85 (hip-hop, old school, turntablism, R&B)

Sky Lounge: DJ Cesar Tercero, DJ Waldo, DJ Dffy, & DJ S (salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, Latin Top 40, hip-hop)

Smashboxx: Blackout Edition Volume 3 with DJ Thomas James (house, electro, dance, Top 40)

Sochu House: Melancholia Mondays (shoegaze, electronic, synthpop)

W Scottsdale: Great Gatsby New Year's Eve with DJ Soloman (house, Top 40, dance, remixes)

Zuma Grill: Toxic Mondays with DJ Circle (various)

Tuesday 1

Bikini Lounge: 602sdays with Djentrification (eclectic, rare vinyl)

Catalina Sports Bar: The Nois (drum 'n' bass, breaks, dubstep)

Smashboxx: Afterglow with Sydney Blu, Turner and Heit, DJ Tranzit, DJ Circle, DJ Decipha, DJ Soloman, DJ MCB, DJ Lujan, Michelle Sparks, Dan Lunsford, Juheun, DJ Brett Ortiz, DJ Nathan Reeser, & Bayside High (house, electro, dance)

Tempe Tavern: DJ C-Lite (various)

Wednesday 2

Azucar Cuban Lounge: DJ M2, DJ Element, & guests (hip-hop)

Bar Smith:

LayLow with Mark "Ellery" Leach, & more (

future bass, glitch

), & Rebel Disco's Push Push with Goldsmith, Aaron Hempsey, Scotty Oh!, Edward Navarro, & Young Luke (

house, disco, acid, techno


Hanny's: Rock Steady Wednesdays with JonnY Rogers (R&B, funk)

Monarch Theatre: Paid in Full with Akshen, Mane One, & Bigie Meanmugg (hip-hop, old school, turntablism)

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