DJ Dossier

Silent J Talks Raves, Afterlife, J├Ągermeister, Kid Kaio, DJ Bam Bam, Beatport, and More

Name: Jimmy Ng, Jr.

AKA: Silent J 

Current club nights: Thursdays and Fridays at Afterlife in Scottsdale.

Genres spun: Electro, Dutch, dubstep, hip-hop, mash-ups.

Craziest shit you've seen at a club? I would say seeing one guy get maced for trying to get into a fight with a girl, and blindly trying to see who did it and come after them with aggression. Everyone was pretty speechless as to what to do. The awesome security team handled that quite quickly though.

Does crazy shit tend to happen at after-hours places like Afterlife? Not really, surprisingly. One would think that intoxicated people coming from bars would be hostile, but most people are just trying to have fun and are enjoying themselves too much to be bothered with drama.

What do you do to stay awake all night at Afterlife? Hang with my crewmembers and friends, and my sleep schedule is pretty much set now to vampire hours.

What do you like best about staying up all night? I love the dark, the nightlife scene, it has a different kind of energy than daylight no matter where you go. It's a feeling that's refreshing to me

What do you like best about Afterlife? I love the team at Afterlife, from the go-go's, to the security (Terrell & J.J), and management from Casey, Aron and Tina. The unity of that place is what keeps me going every week. They are always open for ideas and are willing to try new things to keep things moving forward. It has a similar feeling of a family as my crew does which is the reason I'm in the music industry to begin with: the good vibes and unity feeling.

Preferred poison while DJing: I'm not too big on drinking but when I do, tequila or Jägermeister have always been my faves.

How many raves have you performed at? Oh wow, I wish I had count! I've been spinning in Arizona since late 2006, averaging maybe 3 every 2 months. I'm probably close to the 50 mark.

Difference between raves and clubs: Spinning at a rave, most people want the energy right then and there, no build up, they just want to be thrown into the energy and surprised and want the "awe" factor. At some clubs, the night needs to build. And depending on what time slot a DJ is given, its normally subliminal knowledge and feeding off the crowd as to what should be played. Progressive works well to open or close the night off.

Who's easier to deal with: club kids or rave kids? I've never had a problem with either actually, both crowds I can relate to pretty easily on what they want to hear.

What do you like best about the Phoenix scene? The vibe I feel from the crowd when playing on stage. That's what keeps me going is if the crowd can get down from the music I love to spin, then I play it even harder and even dance with them.

Best experience as a DJ: It would be recently at Dreams and Drums 3, playing in front of a crowd of 2,000 just at my stage with DJ Constantine. The vibe and response from the crowd was euphoria!

And the worst? The first time I tried playing vinyl live back in 2007. Richard Anthony brought me up for his set and we quickly realized I had not quite had the finesse of vinyl down when I did a horrible transition at a 5 a.m. sunrise set. Much practice came after that!

Worst request you've ever gotten? To play country at Afterlife...yes, this is true.

What sites do you use for music?

Last album purchased: Creed, Full Circle.

Last song downloaded: DJ Bam Bam, "Your Love is Explosive"

Song currently stuck in your head: A remix I am currently in the studio making of Ke$ha's "Your Love is My Drug."

Which artists have you been championing lately in your sets? DJ Bam Bam, he's my biggest inspiration and also inspired me to start spinning years ago when I saw him perform in Chicago. I also play a lot of Will Bailey, Kid Kaio, Calvertron as well as Kaskade, and Morgan Page with Nadia Ali.

What else are you listening to these days? For production inspiration I listen to Skrillex, MSTRKRFT, Jack Beats, Afrojack and Mixin Marc.

What other projects are you working on: I have four tracks I'm currently producing, two progressive house tracks and two Dutch house tracks.

Any future gigs you'd like to promote: OOHHH YEEAAHH! on August 6th (; Geeked Up! 2: Nerds in Paradise on July 30th; Freek N' Bass on July 30th; and Afterlife every Thursday and Friday.

When not DJing, where can you be found? In the Studio with DJ Constantine, soon to be Hazardous and DJ S33d, or hanging with my SU crew and go-go girls.

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