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Skinny Puppy

After Skinny Puppy's disastrous recording session for 1996's The Process, the industrial band vowed to break up for good. Musician Dwayne Goettel, who died of a drug overdose in 1995, was noticeably absent, and earthquakes rattled the session, as did an injury to musician Cevin Key. "It was just horrible. It was the worst-case scenario for making a new album. We also signed to a new label that was really the worst place for us to be, because they were making us into a different kind of band as well," Key says. But Skinny Puppy fans have German promoters to thank for turning things around. Relentlessly calling Key, the German promoters wouldn't give up. So Key and front man Nivek Ogre gave in and played one show in Germany in 2000. That spawned a whole new era for Skinny Puppy with a new album, The Greater Wrong of the Right, and a new tour -- its first since 1992.
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Christina Fuoco