Smile Empty Soul's Sean Danielsen: "Our Songs Have Elements of Anger That Live On"

Let's trip back through time to yesteryear, specifically 1998. Grunge was dead, and from the ashes rose the alternative rock wave of the late '90s and early Aughts to fill the void. The music industry was flooded by a generation of youths with chips on their shoulders and a knack for carrying on the dirty, distorted and deep rhythms to channel their angst.

Flash-forward to the present, and many of those bands have become a "who's who" of "Where Are They Now?" They never adapted their music as they grew older and found a way to channel the "Father of Mine"-style perspective, into equally angst-filled and passionate music about the pitfalls of adulthood.

However, a select few of the elite do know the recipe for stability and career longevity -- namely, Smile Empty Soul.

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