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Summer Shenanigans: It's Like Summer Camp For Grown Ups With Lots of Booze

Prescott may be a nice place to go to get out of town for a while, and though there are plenty of bars to stagger into on Whiskey Row, but the town isn't exactly known as a party hot spot.

Of course, it all depends on the company you keep. Darkness Dear Boy and friends have a couple of upcoming shows in Prescott that sound more like bachelor parties than concerts thanks to the mode of transport from Phoenix: a party bus.

We recently caught up with Ted Organ, Darkness Dear Boy's frontman to see what it's like to party like a rockstar in Prescott.

Summer Shenanigans is a two part show that takes place at Lyzzard's Lounge in Prescott. The line up for the show on Saturday, July 28, features Darkness Dear Boy, Future Loves Past, A Life of Science, Companeros, and TKLB?.

Darkness Dear Boy will take a second batch of bands up north on Saturday, August 25, including Japhy's Descent, Banana Gun, Headroom, and Sasquanaut. There are a few seats left for the July trip, and $20 tickets for the August trip go on sale next week. Both trips are BYOB and 21+.

In the event that the party buses sell out, or you just don't feel like fighting for your right to party, you're welcome to drive yourself up to Lyzzard's Lounge.

"You could forgo the bus trip and just meet us in Prescott (but partying on the bus and not having to drive is part of the fun)," says Ted Organ.

The Summer Shenanigans shows began for a fairly obvious reason-- the summer months are a bit more bearable in Prescott.

Phoenix summers are hot, and it's a little cooler up north in Prescott, so a few years ago we threw together a bus trip with the bands What's Left and Eye of Fire and it worked out really well. We started the trip out with three separate groups of friends and fans- by the end of the trip everyone had become friends with everyone and it turned into one big fan base. Last summer we started "Summer Shenanigans" and we planned out three bus trips with seven different bands and same thing has happened on each of the trips. You could tell by all the tagged photos and friend requests [on Facebook] that the scene was jelling. Last year was a blast- people got creative bringing bubbles, koosh balls and party favors for the bus ride. Someone busted out a saxophone and jammed out on the bus ride. People were partying the whole way up and back. It was like going away to summer camp with a busload of friends and fans!

If Koosh balls and a saxophone aren't enough of an incentive....

"On the way back we played Pink Floyd DVDs," says Organ, "I'd have to say that right now the local scene is better than it ever has been since I've been involved. There are tons of great bands and a strong community of friends, fans that are supporting the music. This is a great opportunity to support local music and local businesses (bar, bus company, restaurants, etc.) and have fun on a staycation."

Tickets for Summer Shenanigans can be purchased online, or through any band playing either show.

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