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Super Stereo Explains "Life Passed Me By" and "Jaguar"

You might have read about local electro pop band Super Stereo in this week's music feature in Phoenix New Times. While you'll get the details of how the group came together there, you'll also notice the band is a bit into fantasy and myth-building -- so much so, the group that strives to define future pop is even coming out with its own comic books explaining the creation of the band and giving background for each member.

After the jump, you'll find two of the band's tracks off their debut album, This Is Future Pop. Check out the meanings behind "Life Passed Me By" and "Jaguar,"  explained by singer/guitarist/synth player PM and singer/synth player Lo. The group performs live this Saturday, July 9, at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe.

Life Passed Me By 
PM says: "'Life Passed Me By' is a reflection on the impact of choice. I like to write songs that have themes of love/lost with both simple and complex tie-ins. Everyone has had or will have a relationship that goes bad, leaving one or both people asking, 'What could have been?' This is the simple layer of the song that most people will relate to. Below the surface, I'm coming to terms with life passing me by. My life has been littered with changes, phases, and difficult choices. I constantly feel like the person on the outside of the the proverbial 'snow-globe' looking in, watching life go on without me. I watch people around me living 'on-track' lives, knowing I cannot live like that, but being envious at the same time. These two themes are being expressed in this song. I feel this is a worthwhile sentiment for a lot of people who feel disconnected."

Jaguar (Jzazh-wah) 
Lo says: "Sometimes all I need is one word for the basis of a song. That's exactly how 'Jaguar' came to be. The word 'jaguar' was stuck in my head for days after driving past the old Jaguar auto dealership in downtown Phoenix. It was one of those situations where the letters were unevenly spaced, so the word looked really weird, like it shouldn't be a word at all. From that moment on, my mind could think of nothing else. I became obsessed with the jaguar. I said the word aloud over and over. I pronounced it dozens different ways, but the one that seemed most humorous to me was 'Jzazh-wah,' spoken in a haughty, indecipherably-European accent. 

What significance did jaguars have for me? In my mind, the word 'jaguar' was associated with both the elegance of the world-class automobile, and the frightening power and unpredictability of the predatory cat. All that, combined with the sheer absurdity of the pronunciation I had come up with, brought me to my topic, something everyone could relate to -- the allure of a beautiful girl. Now, don't misunderstand, girls are pretty much the best. Most girls you meet are compassionate, beautiful, thoughtful beings. But, let's face it, every once in a while, you will find that one incredibly beautiful girl who you can't even believe is into you. And two weeks into your relationship, you realize that she may be into you...because she wants to murder you and possibly feast upon your remains in a public forum. You probably know one. Some of us have dated such a person. Some people I know inexplicably routinely date individuals with these characteristics. She draws you in with her mystique. And then, without warning, viciously rips you apart without warning or reprieve. Before you know it, you're afraid to leave your house and looking for a way to change your phone number. A beautiful girl who is bat-shit crazy. Don't be afraid. You are not alone. And you have been warned." Jaguar by nicoole16

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