The Love Me Nots Selling Their Outfits on E-Bay

The Love Me Nots are cleaning out their closets with the help of eBay. The stylish retro-rock foursome is running a whole host of eBay auctions for pieces of their on-stage attire, including these banging orange vinyl go-go boots (and matching dress) and the modish white go-go boots pictured here.

See the full list on auctions here. So far the band's equipment seems to be getting the most attention. Don't worry, though, shedding their stuff does not represent any change in direction for the band.

"We try to sell some of our gear and outfits every year, just so that we can get some different stuff and keep things fresh," says singer Nicole Laurenne. "There's usually a good market for vintage stuff (I think one of Bob's fedora hats just sold for about 200 bucks last week), so it's fun to kind of cash in some of our stuff and turn things around once in awhile."

Be sure to check out the band this weekend, as they're playing two local shows. On Thursday they'll be rockin' the cacti at The Desert Botanical Garden and on Friday they play Martini Ranch.

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