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The Melvins

Kurt Cobain loved The Melvins. Without that band's influence, there would be no grunge. The outfit un-cheesed Sabbath and created truly evil-sounding metal that directed future generations toward methodical bass lines and sick distortion. Cobain (the band's most tragically beloved roadie) tinker-punked The Melvins' sounds and made them palatable to a mainstream audience, allowing Nirvana to skyrocket. Meanwhile, despite a brief major-label deal, The Melvins themselves remained out of the spotlight, where they ended up flourishing as cult forefathers of a heavy-music revival. And they ain't done yet: The duo of Big Business was recently absorbed into the ranks of The Melvins — a new recording with this lineup came out in October — creating a multi-piece monstrosity with dual drummers, four singers, and full-on guitar magnificence. Kurt, buddy, you're missing out.
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Tuyet Nguyen