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The Original Wailers (Members of Bob Marley's Backing Band) Play Tempe Sunday

The name The Wailers conjures our best thoughts about reggae. As well it should: Not only was Bob Marley in the group, it also served as springboard for the arguably equal Peter Tosh.

So, yeah, the Wailers name is strong enough to tour on 30 years after Marley's death. The Original Wailers, who come to 910 Live in Tempe Sunday, are not actually original Wailers -- Marley, Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Junior Braithwaite, Beverley Kelso, and Cherry Smith hold that distinction, and only two, Wailer and Kelso, are alive -- but they did play with Bob back in the day, so that gives them some cred.

The Original Wailers are not just resting on Marley's hits, either. The band has a new
record coming out this summer.

Tickets are $22 at the door but you can win them from our
marketing department here.

Philadelphia's The Movement and two Arizona reggae artists, SAF and Kindread, will open. DJ Dark Vader spins between sets, Sound System style.

Until then, enjoy this...

Peter Tosh (R.I.P) - Downpresser (Feat. The Wailers)
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