The Serene Dominic Show Version: The Love Me Nots

You are one paycheck away from being homeless. Me likewise. Our tomorrows hang on tinder hooks but The Love Me Nots' future in this business of show is for certain. Why? Because no one else can do what they do when they do what they do it to you, that's why?

I'm paraphrasing of course. No one works harder than Nicole Laurenne, Michael Johnny Walker, Jay Lien and Sophie O, jetting near and Farfisa, doing this gig, signing that deal -- all while we sit at home and wonder which toenail to clip first. Their last long player The Demon and the Devotee raised the stakes for what other worlds there are left to conquer so you're very fortunate that you have this chance to spend a few minutes at home on a quiet Sunday evening with an unguarded, untroubled Love Me Nots just before they jetted off to France again for another bunch of dates.

Don't bother wiring them a cable --they're already back, gearing up a New Years Eve at the Yucca Tap Room. Bet you probably didn't even do your Christmas shopping in that amount of time, did you? Okay, me neither. Among the topics tackled on The Love Me Nots couch: Home decorating, France, remixes, the crumbling CD industry chillblains and what's ahead in 2012. Now, don't you feel like you're doing something with your life?

In Part 2, The Love Me Nots get to vote a record out of The Serene Dominic Vinyl Vault™ that will not be digitized and sent up to The Serene Dominic Digital Cloud™ Yes, it's our popular Get Off My Cloud™ segment. Our panel weighs in on the likes of Cher, Gary Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Mama Cass, John & Yoko, The Royal Guardsmen and Vera Lynn.

In Part 3:

A compilation of fan videos from the group's December 10 show at the Crescent Ballroom--with the fans themselves and their big heads getting in the way and blocking most of the action. Look, we hired a swooping camera crane for this shoot but we couldn't get it through the packed confines of The Crescent so thank goodness some kids had their shoephone cameras at the ready. And as an aside, for those of you not used to the pencil-sharpening-in-your-ears-audio-quality so typical of the fan video genre, the group is blasting through its signature song "Do What You Do."

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