Sometimes a remix doesn't need to drastically depart from an original song.

The Strobes -- a Phoenix-based DJ collective featuring William Reed, Ryan Breen, Thomy Hoefer (AKA Prince $$) -- doesn't go off the map with their take on T. Rex's classic rock anthem "Bang a Gong (Get It On)," keeping the tune's original glam glitz intact, Marc Bolan's voice up-front-and-center, and only subtly getting tricky with the beat.

It's like the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, just fix it a little." 

The Strobes Remix T. Rex Anthem "Bang a Gong (Get it On)"

"My DJ career actually started with that genre of music [glam rock] -- among others -- so, in working on this remix it's part paying homage to those roots," Reed says. "With this remix, what we wanted to do was deliver a contemporary re-work of this glam rock anthem to make it more DJ and dance-floor friendly while also preserving the integrity of the original version."

The Strobes are known individually for their gigs around town, including the long running Sticky Fingers party, and the group is scheduled to release more remixes over the coming weeks, leading up to a summer mix tape for release in July and a live debut in August.

The trio is working on remixes of local artists. "Right now we are scheduled to work on a remix for Snake Snake Snakes and Love Me Nots," Reed says. Although we have quite a few others on our radar, those are the only ones set in stone at the moment. We are, however, looking for more local acts to remix. We'd love to work with bands like Jimmy Eat World and Black Carl, to name just a few."

The local thing sounds good, but I'm hoping The Strobes can do a "Glitter Rock's Greatest Hits" remix set. I could get down with twitchy takes on Mott the Hoople, Wizzard, and some early Brian Eno.

T Rex - Bang A Gong (Strobes Remix) by DJ William Fucking Reed

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