Title Fight's Ned Russin on Superstorm Sandy and the Elusive Definition of "Hardcore"

By Mike Bogumill

Title Fight's growth has been well documented. Starting with a series of 7-inches in the mid 2000s, the band has evolved from teenagers playing fast pop punk songs influenced by Lifetime and Saves the Day, to young adults playing gruffer, darker music that's not quite as easy to pin down.

I recently talked with bassist and vocalist Ned Russin about the weather, Pennsylvania, growth, and the elusive definition of hardcore, all while probably mispronouncing the name of his hometown (Wikipedia says it's pronounced like 'wilkesbarruh', but over the phone with Ned it sounded like 'wilksberry', I pronounced it like 'Wilke's Bar'). Regardless, he had a lot to say about where the band came from and where it is going.

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