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Top 10 Geek Obsessions of the Decade

Doomsayers and the easily fooled are focused on 2012 right now (so much so that poor NASA had to issue statements debunking the movie myths). But we've got a different date in mind: 2010. The New Year begins the end of an era. Well, a decade actually.

Technology has certainly advanced in the past ten years. Flat screen TVs, GPS navigation and iPods are commonplace. E-books and mini-laptops are making it possible to do anything on the go.

But what of the other geek-friendly creations of the new millennium -- not just for the techie geek, but for fantasy geeks, sci-fi geeks, literary geeks and our other nerdy brethren? Here are just a few of the major obsessions that have made an impact on geekdom in the past decade. Feel free to add your favorites.

10. YouTube

Yes, everyone -- even our non tech savvy in-laws and grandparents -- watches videos on YouTube. But where else can you see "Death Star" black holes, original Star Trek bloopers and liquid nitrogen explosions all in one spot? This website is a universal geek pleaser. It even contains videos by geeks, for geeks, that subtly criticize other types of geeks. Sigh.  


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