Up on the Sun: The Podcast, featuring Isaiah Toothtaker, DJ Smite's Beastie Boys Tribute, and More

See also: Up on the Sun: The Podcast, featuring Mitch Freedoms Soul Jam Selections Welcome to another episode of Up on the Sun's weekly podcast.

This week we're joined by Tucson MC/tattooist/director Isaiah Toothtaker. We've featured a couple of videos from his upcoming EP with incarcerated rapper Max B (formerly of Dipset), called Toothy Wavy -- and music is just as interesting and compelling as the visuals.

It's out via Мишка Records on Tuesday, May 15, and Toothtaker was excite to discuss the collaboration. While we're at it, we'll take a listen to DJ Smite's (a.k.a. Sir Smeezy) all-vinyl tribute to the Beasties, recorded last week at Lost Leaf, a track from Desert Vibrations, and a slice of Americana/black metal from Relapse recording artists Horseback.


Up on the Sun: The Podcast, Episode Seven

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What you're hearing: • Sutcliffe Catering Co, "Ponderosa White" • DJ Smite, all-vinyl Beastie Boys tribute, live @ Lost Leaf • Desert Vibrations, "Under the Waves" • Eyas, "First Light" • Isaiah Toothtaker and Max B, "Been Told" • Isaiah Toothtaker and Max B, "Wave Goodbye" • Isaiah Toothtaker and Max B, "Champion Cuffer" • Ry Cooder, "Cancion Mixteca" • Horseback, "Ahriman"

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