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Watch the Video of that Scottsdale Bar Fight That Led to Three Arrests

Things get particularly crazy on weekend nights in Scottsdale's entertainment district when last call looms -- and we mean even crazier than its usual brand of madness.

Grab a spot on the sidewalk anywhere along Saddlebag Trail or Stetson Drive in the early hours of Saturday or Sunday and you'll witness any combination of the following as the nearby bars and clubs disgorge their clientele: stumbling pratfalls, drunken boastings, giddy shenanigans, repeated bro-downs, sexist catcalls, shouting matches, and, yes, fistfights.

Since everyone's got a camera phone these days, many of the aforementioned incidents wind up online, especially the altercations. (A YouTube search with the phrase "Scottsdale Fight" yields tons of results.)

The most recent example of such is a nasty throwdown between several women outside Gus' New York Pizza Lounge from earlier this month that was uploaded to YouTube on Monday and has gotten a lot of attention this week.

According to the Scottsdale Police Department, the fight went down about 1 a.m. Sunday, October 5, on the sidewalk outside the late-night pizzeria (a frequent stop for pre-gaming before clubbing and for the post-last call crowd). It reportedly began with a pair of Gus' patrons confronting another and it quickly exploded into a melee.

The Scottsdale PD states that the initial confrontation, which started inside the pizzeria, involved 21-year-old Sierra Brown and another unidentified woman. Security inside Gus' reportedly asked both to leave and the fight moved out to the sidewalk where two others, 20-year-old Eleanet Leandro and 23-year-old Bryana Mackey, entered the fracas.

The YouTube video, which is available (we'd advise not watching it at work) completely uncensored, picks up from that point, which is when things get nasty with all the slaps, knees, hair-pulling, and swearing.

As you can see, pizzeria patrons on Gus' patio attempt to intercede before Scottsdale cops arrive and begin making arrests. Brown, Leandro, and Mackey were each placed into custody and charged with assault and disorderly conduct. Additionally, Leandro was cited for underage consumption.

The video of the brawl, which was uploaded by YouTube user "Degafer10" and got played in edited form on local newscasts last night, boasts the tasteless title of "Scottsdale chick fight! Ratchets vs hoes!" which is downright tactful compared to his description: "Oh, yeah, Scottsdale nights and you know there be titties floppin, bitties boppin!"

We're willing to guess that he might be a bro. And maybe a Sun Devil, too, given the way he and his bro-pal chant "ASU" at the end. Stay classy, Arizona State.

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