Sound Off

When the Goldfinger Soundtrack Dominated the Album Charts

Editor's note: Ever since the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beatles' debut single "Love Me Do") we've been on a half-century celebration cycle in which we are scheduled to relive every Beatles innovation, every release of the Beatles' landmark career in real time, right until the inevitable 50th anniversary of their breakup in 2020. But what other long-forgotten anniversaries are being overshadowed by the Fab Four (Again?) To answer that question, we present another installment in this series: "The 50th Anniversary of Something Else."

Beatlemania, as we know from history, never abated, especially not in 1965 where they repeated every triumph they scheduled in 1964. With their second summer movie not quite out yet, the preview single "Ticket to Ride" topped the UK the first week in May. Some critics consider it the first heavy metal song or an early prototype to drugged psychedelia or Lennon's first recorded reaction to taking LSD. Don't worry, you'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of that soon enough. For now, we're jetting back to the states to celebrating the 50th anniversaries of these events that took place the first week of May 1965.

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Serene Dominic
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