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Wilco at ASU Gammage on Twitter

"Are you under the impression this isn't your life? Do you dabble in depression, is someone twisting a knife in your back?"

Well, don't worry, "Wilco will love you, baby." And babies, you loved you some Wilco, even if they didn't play "Wilco (The Song)" or "(I Got You) at the End of the Century" Saturday night at Gammage.

We won't take it personally, since Wilco's huge setlist that included favorites like "Hummingbird," "Shot in the Arm," and "Heavy Metal Drummer," complete with Jeff Tweedy's signature hummingbird dance.

We reviewed the gig, and took a ton of pictures of the band and fans, but don't just rely on our word, here's what the people have to say on Twitter.

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@RachelRayner Me, to stranger: "So, you came here via Chicago?" Stranger: *misses Wilco reference* Me: *loses interest*

@kevinkmiller 3 months ago,I was surprised when Wilco sold out Gammage in 4 minutes.After seeing them tonight,I'm surprised it took so long! Amazing show!

@chelseapatel Listening to the Wilco tracks they didn't play on the drive home. #soweakitshard

@musicloverchick So I really liked the Wilco show, G thought they were "OK"n but 1st Phoenix crowd I've ever seen that stood the entire show. But it is Phx.

@jlothner I've seen some pretty amazing things in my life, but until you've seen a Nels Cline solo at a @wilco show, you haven't lived. #facemeltedoff

@ckostrivas Tweedy running in place on stage :) #wilco

@jlcieslak I think 75% of the people I know are at Gammage right now. #wilco

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