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Z-Trip Wins America's Best DJ Contest

Bad Boy Bill, DJ Skribble, Adam Goldstein, Scotty Boy, Steve Aoki, and Q-Bert.

What do all these cats have in common? They're some of the best DJs and turntablists that our country has to offer. And every last one of them were soundly defeated by Z-Trip to become "America's Best DJ" for 2009.

The Phoenix native, who relocated to L.A. in 2002, proved to be Z King yesterday when it was announced that he'd won the online contest sponsored by EDM industry publication The DJ Times. As a result, Z-Trip (who's also known by his Christian name Zach Sciacca) not only nabs a special gold plated Pioneer mixer as a trophy but also a gig performing with Paul Oakenfold on September 12 at The Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

How did the Tripster's win come about? It may have involved Oakenfold to a certain degree, but you'll have to read on to learn more.

Sciacca ranked fairly high in the results for most of the voting period, which ran throughout the summer, which shouldn't come as a surprise given his vast scratching skills.

But the thing that may have put him over the top was a rather ballsy move he made within the last few weeks where our hometown DJ Hero claimed that if he won the title, he would turn his spin session with Oakenfold into a DJ battle and attempt to show up the English-born trance king on the ones and twos.

Better start practicing Paul.

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