Afghan War Vet Fatally Shot by Glendale Cop -- After Shooting at Female Officer

Jeremiah Pulaski, 24, returned to his home in Glendale from Afghanistan -- where he served in the United States Army -- in February, and it appears he's had some trouble readjusting to society.

According to his latest Facebook status update, he was thinking about doing some traveling.

"I think Im gonna Just take off and work shitty jobs just to make enough to get to the next town. IM gonna be a drifter! I have a Rebel soul!" he posted on his Facebook page last Wednesday night.

He wasn't kidding about that rebel soul -- he fired off a few rounds at a Glendale cop early Saturday morning, which resulted in him being fatally shot by the female officer.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, Pulaski and a friend were leaving a restaurant near 59th Avenue and Greenway Road in Glendale about 1:30 a.m. Saturday when they were approached by a man they didn't know.The three engaged in a discussion, which turned violent -- Pulaski pulled out a gun and shot the stranger with whom he was talking.

He immediately fled on his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The Glendale officer was dispatched to the scene of the shooting and saw Pulaski fleeing the scene on his bike.

She stopped Pulaski, who once confronted by the officer, jumped off his bike and immediately started shooting.

The officer returned fire, and Pulaski hit the deck -- fatally wounded by the officer's shots.

Nobody other than Pulaski was seriously hurt in the shootings. The original victim was taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury, and neither the officer, or a female "observer" who was riding with her were hit by any of the shots fired by Pulaski.

Judging by his Facebook page, Pulaski wasn't a happy dude. Some of his recent posts include things like "Ever just feal Like saying Just LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! If you have a problem with my Life and the way I live it! then just keep your Mouth Shut because to Be honest I dont fucking care! Im doing what I can!," and "When Life gives you Lemons Say fuck the Lemons grab your Bike and go for a Ride."

Check out some of his other posts here.

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