Agua Fria Special Education Director Accused of Raping and Threatening Special Needs Student

The Avondale Police Department -- after a two week investigation -- arrested the director of the Aqua Fria High School's special-education program after a 15-year-old student with special needs told her mother that he raped and threatened her.

Brian Willner, 35, was arrested yesterday on suspicion of sexual abuse and assault, after the victim's mother called police to report the incident.

According to court documents, on April 16, police were called by the victim's mother after her daughter had told her that Willner had excused her from class to meet him in his office. Once in his office, he pinned her to the ground and sexually assaulted her.

The victim claims that when she got to Willner's office, he grabbed her arms, pinned her to the ground, and began to grope her chest underneath her clothes.

The victim says she was unable to stop the assault because she "was not strong enough," court documents state.

Avondale police claim that Willner then had sex with the victim, and after it was over, he told the girl -- who suffers from bipolar disorder, psychosis, and ADHD -- that if she told anyone, the victim's mom would "get a seizure." If a seizure doesn't do the trick, Willner, according to court documents, told the girl, "I'm going to make sure that she dies, and I am going to kill her wherever I find her."

Not only do police believe that Willner raped the girl, they think there's a good chance he gave her chlamydia, too.

After the victim was examined by doctors, it was found that she had the STD.

Chlamydia cultures gotten last week from Willner prove he also has the disease, cops say.

Willner denies the allegations but agreed to a computer voice-stress analysis, where he "showed deception with answers pertaining to penis to vagina sexual intercourse."

Willner was taken to the Avondale City Jail on charges of felony sexual assault. He was denied bail at a court hearing this morning.

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