Alan Champagne Charged in the Deaths of Two People Found in Backyard Coffin

Sure enough, Phoenix police believe Alan Champagne -- the convicted murderer who happened to be a former resident of the house where human remains were found yesterday -- is responsible for those remains.

Additionally, Phoenix police say there were actually two bodies in the coffin, which was unearthed yesterday by landscapers, who were doing work for the new homeowner.

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The bodies haven't been identified, but perhaps it's not a coincidence that Champagne, 42, had been a suspect in a double murder since October 2011, according to Phoenix PD.

Meanwhile, Champagne became a suspect in an unrelated aggravated-assault case, and when police went to arrest him at his mother's place -- the same house where the bodies were dug up yesterday -- in March, Champagne barricaded himself inside.

Champagne then decided to start shooting at officers, police say, and he's been in jail on attempted first-degree murder charges -- and a variety of other charges -- ever since.

Now, after the discovery of the bodies, Champagne has some more problems.

Champagne didn't speak to detectives today, but a police spokesman says there's probable-cause to arrest him for the murders of the two people, whom Champagne had been in an "altercation" with before they were presumed dead.

Police say investigators had continued to pursue Champagne as a suspect in the case before the bodies were found -- even as he was in jail -- with the help of jail intelligence.

Champagne was released from prison in 2005 after serving 13 years for second-degree murder.

Stay tuned for updates.

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