Andrew Breitbart's Final Interview May Have Been With Joe Arpaio, if Anything Jerome Corsi Says Is to Be Trusted

Conservative writer Andrew Breitbart died early this morning at the age of 43, and according to Jerome Corsi, Breitbart's last interview could have been with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Corsi, however, is a conspiracy-theorist extraordinaire who doesn't always tell the truth.

If he is to be believed (at least on this topic), then Breitbart's interview with Arpaio may have been his last.

Corsi dropped that line out of nowhere during today's press conference about President Obama's eligibility, after opening with a few words about Breitbart's death.

Corsi said he arranged the interview between the two, and Arpaio agreed to drop some details about today's press conference in advance because of a "deep respect" they had for Breitbart.

Arpaio took the microphone a few seconds later, and mentioned nothing about it.

If you're keen to conspiracy people/websites, you may have seen that there are already conspiracy theories about Breitbart's alleged interview with Arpaio coming from people who watched the press conference online.

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