Andrew Thomas to Re-File County Case in Court of Appeals; Attempt to "Expedite" Case in Supreme Court Shot Down

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas will try another venue to appeal his lost lawsuit against the county after being turned down by the state Supreme Court.

Barnett Lotstein, a top aide to Thomas, tells New Times that the case -- which involves the county's strip of Thomas' power to handle civil lawsuits -- will be re-filed this afternoon with the state Court of Appeals. Lotstein says the decision to launch the appeal directly to the Supreme Court was made in hopes of expediting a resolution. Because the gist of the appeal involves a previous case handled by the Supreme Court, "Maricopa County vs. Woodall," Thomas had hoped the supe-court justices would want to intervene right away, Lotstein says. Instead, the county attorney was essentially told to stick to the usual chain of command.



"It's not a setback at all," Lotstein claims of the Supreme Court ruling. "It delays it a little bit."

If the Court of Appeals rejects Thomas' argument, the state Supreme Court is almost certain to experience a blast of deja vu with this case.


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