Andy Hill, "Face" of Phoenix Police Department, Set to Retire

Phoenix police Sergeant Andy Hill, a 26-year veteran of the agency whose last assignment was in the "media relations" unit, is about to retire.


Though Hill's last official day is May 27, he's already cleaned out his cubicle and is ready (with vacation time) to call it a day after what has been a distinguished and varied career as a cop.

Hill probably will be remembered most by citizens as the "face" of the big city department, the gent who told us what was up (within strict limitations, natch) when two sets of serial killers were doing their evil handiwork a few years ago (Baseline Killer and Serial Shooters cases).

But many of us in the media will remember Hill fondly as a straightshooter whose loyalty to his department never overwhelmed his sense of right and wrong, i.e. if you asked for a document or a comment about something in a potentially sticky situation for the PPD, you'd get it, however it played out in the paper or on the air.

Andy Hill is one eclectic cat.

A native of New York, he has been a dues-paying member of the Screen Actor's Guild since 1982, with film and television acting credits dating back three decades.

As a cop, Hill worked the Drug Enforcement Bureau, the Violent Crimes Task Force, conspiracy investigations, and other details before his last assignment, five years spent fielding questions -- the dumb and less-than-dumb -- from assorted media types.

We remember when Hill volunteered his time overseas with the service organization Food for the Hungry International after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami killed more than 200,000 people.

That's the kind of man he is.

We'll be curious to see Hill's next move -- he tells us he's not sure yet what he's going to do with himself.

Good guy.

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