Another Human Skeleton Found in Phoenix. That Makes Two in Less Than 24 Hours -- Which is Way Too Many Skeletons for One Day

It's not everyday that we get two separate e-mails from the Phoenix Police Department with the subject "skeletal remains found." Today is not like every other day.

For the second time in less than 24 hours, a skeleton has been found in the city of Phoenix.

According to Phoenix police, the latest bones were discovered today in the desert near  Pinnacle Peak and Tatum roads.

No other details were immediately provided by police.

Yesterday, Arizona Department of Transportation crews were checking a storm drain near the Interstate 10 on-ramp at Loop 202 just north of Washington Street when they found human skeletal remains.

The drain is about 70 feet underground, and ADOT says it's been several years since it was last checked, so the remains could have been there for quite a while before yesterday's grim discovery.

The race, sex, or age of the victim are unknown. The cause of death is also yet to be determined.

Phoenix police say they're now scouring through hundreds of missing-person reports looking for a match.

We're no experts, but two skeletons seems like way too many to be found in the same city in the same day.

Check back for updates.

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James King
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